We are a working group that wants to exchange information, lobby and build tools to make translations of scientific articles/reports/books, abstracts, titles and terms more accessible and (thus) stimulate the production of such translations. The term “science” is used in the international sense: from the natural sciences to the humanities.

These translations will lower the barrier to participating in science and benefit people in science-adjacent activities and professions, especially on topics or climate, environment, agriculture and health. We have members from the open science movement, AfricArXiv and Whose Knowledge. Anyone interested in promoting translations is welcome to join.

We keep in touch with a mailing list and two-weekly calls. If you would like to join the group or simply know more do send us a mail or ask us on social media.

On our Wiki, you can find more information, including more about our plans and tips for finding translated articles. On our blog we communicate our work and start discussions. Our code is hosted at the Codeberg GIT repository. We have started working on a Zotero bibliography (see also this translation studies bibliography).